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When Only The Best Will Do!


Jovelles Burmese Kittens

All Jovelles babies are born and raised in our home with lots of love and cuddles. This ensures that they are well socialized, very friendly and affectionate.

Before they leave home, they will have been wormed several times, have received 2 vaccinations and be desexed and micro-chipped. This means that they will have had 3 vet checks before leaving for their furr-ever home. With this in mind, it is unlikely that you will experience any problems with your kitten BUT, should there be any problems or concerns at all, we would expect that you would contact us and we would arrange, if required, treatment at our expense at our vet. Why do we wish our babies to be seen by our vet? Because they are already familiar with the kitten and are very experienced with feline health issues.

All Jovelles kittens are also registered and pedigreed. This means that, unless we have said otherwise, you are welcome to exhibit your kitten (and later, cat) in shows. This can be a fun and exciting hobby, one which many people really enjoy. Shows are generally friendly, sociable occasions where lots of cat lovers can chat about felines of all breeds. A kitten purchased as a companion will be exhibited in the desexed class. They can win terrific prizes, from cat products to trophies, rosettes etc. If you would like to know more, contact us at Jovelles.

Naturally, from time to time, we allow some of our babies to go to registered breeders. Please do not ask for us to sell you a kitten that has not been desexed though unless you are already, or you are in the process of becoming, a registered breeder of Burmese.

You may ask why we desex our babies so young? The main reason is that Burmese often mature very early with little female kittens beginning to call (come into season and want to breed) from a VERY young age. While this is not the norm, it can occur as early as 12 weeks of age! When kittens are calling, it is possible that they will become dirty and begin to urinate in unwelcome places. While this generally stops when they come out of call again, it will be an ongoing process every time they come back into season.

What is a “season?” Female kittens and cats begin to get even more affectionate than usual. They may begin to roll around the floor, meowing loudly –sometimes VERY loudly! Then they may begin to mark their territory, spraying a quantity of urine up walls, on furniture etc. Not ALL females will spray but it is quite common for Burmese females to do this.

Don’t males spray too? Yes they commonly do. This behaviour in a male is not so cyclic but is generally ongoing. It may also continue once the boy is desexed. This is why we desex early – so that these problems are very much less likely to occur.

Male and female kittens and cats, when not desexed, also go looking for mates. Naturally, if your kitten is roaming the neighbourhood looking for a male/female to breed with, they are in significant danger from dogs, cars, other cats (fights) etc. When they are desexed, they are less likely to want to wander.


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